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Jacky QIN

Speaker: Jacky QIN
Company: PCNZ

CUI Qian

Speaker: CUI Qian
Company: Haisheng Group

ZHOU Xiaozhou

Speaker: ZHOU Xiaozhou
Company: ZHANHUI Trading

Gonzalo Matamala

Speaker: Gonzalo Matamala
Company: Gesex £¨Shanghai£©

Michael Jiang

Speaker: Michael Jiang
Company: Zespri

XU Zheng

Speaker: XU Zheng
Company: Jiaxing Haiguangxing Premium Fruit Market


Speaker: Sam SHEN
Company: JD

YAO Xinsheng

Speaker: YAO Xinsheng
Company: Goodfarmer Honest Man
Title: Apple Production & Trade in China

YE Cheng

Speaker: YE Cheng
Company: YE CHEN
Title: Durian Quality Control & Industry Insight


Speaker: Kent WANG
Company: Yogo
Title: Dedication of China Fruit Companies in Thailand

Marcos Echenique

Speaker:Marcos Echenique
Company: Copefrut 
Title: Perspective of chilean cherries in china challenges and opportunities

Zefei ZHOU

Speaker:Zefei ZHOU
Company:New Zealand Food View Ltd
Title: Sweet from 45 Degrees South Latitude-Cherry from NZ

Shi Jun

Speaker:Shi Jun
Company: COSCO Shipping Lines
Title: The reefer liner service for international fruit trade

Jason Bosch

Speaker:Jason Bosch
Company: Origin Direct Asia (South Africa)
Title: The export of South African citrus by Conventional Vessel

Steven FANG

Speaker: Steven FANG
Company: China Eastern Air Express£¨Shanghai£©Co.,Ltd.
Title: The Birth,Present situation and prospect of the fruit by air
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