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LIANG Yanfen

Speaker:LIANG Yanfen
Position:Head of World Economy Institute
Topic Title:Sino-US trade friction

Holly Brown

Speaker:Holly Brown
Position:GM Greater China
Topic Title:Global Kiwi Trade & Zespri China Strategy

ZHU Qidong

Speaker:ZHU Qidong
Position:Vice President
Topic Title: Pros & Cons of Fruit Retailer Direct Purchasing

Tony Luo

Speaker:Tony Luo
Topic Title:New Retail, New Fresh


Speaker:CHAN Chan
Company:Fresh Hema 
Position:Senior Purchasing Manager
Topic Title: Thinking of Import Fruit Industry in New Retail

Tim McLellan

Speaker:Tim McLellan
Company: Sinotrans PFS
Topic Title: Right Partner, Cold Chain Logistics

Steven Jiang

Speaker:Steven Jiang
Company: MOFCOM
Position:Chief Expert
Topic Title:Establish a real and effective big data system of cold chain circulation environment in China to promote the healthy development of imported fruit industry

Roger LIU

Speaker:Roger LIU
Company:Northwest Cherry Growers  
Position:China Marketing Manager
Topic Title:Cherry Crop & Trade in North America

Yao Xinsheng

Speaker:YAO Xinsheng 
Company: Goodfarmer Honest Man
Position:General Manager
Topic Title:Apple Export Analysis in China

LIU Gaoyun

Speaker:LIU Gaoyun
Company: Joy Wing Mau Group 
Position:Business Manager Import Dept.
Topic Title:Apple Import Analysis in China

John Wang

Speaker: John Wang
Company: Mr. Avocado 
Position:President &CEO
Topic Title:Recognition & Trends of Avocado Import in China

YUE Jianqiang

Speaker: YUE Jianqiang
Company:Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Yunnan 
Position:Head of Institute of Tropical Industrial Crop
Topic Title:Opportunity & Challenge of Avocado Plantation

Thomas Padilla

Speaker: Thomas Padilla
Company: Mission Produce Inc. 
Position:Director of Global Sale
Topic Title:Post-pick Cooling, Packing & Cold Chain Transportation of Avocado

YE Peihui

Speaker:YE Peihui
Company:Dole China
Position:Banana Product Manager
Topic Title:Thinking of Banana Industry

BAO Yangyu

Speaker: BAO Yangyu
Topic Title:Fresh-cut Fruit Market & Trends
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