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Thursday, August 29,2019
       10:00-20:00 Registration Day
Friday, August 30, 2019
        08:30-09:10 OPENING   
        09:10-09:55      Sino-US Trade Friction Tendency & Impact
        09:55-10:20 Fruit Pricing Tendency
        10:20-10:45 Road of Reform & Innovation, Aiming at
                          Modern Fruit Market
         10:45-11:15 COFFEE BREAK   
         11:15-12:00    Channels
                       Reflection of old school, Challenges from NEW RETAIL
                       Other Participants
          12:00-13:30 LUNCH
          13:30-14:30    Logistics
                      The Birth,Present situation and prospect of the fruit by air
                      The export of South African citrus by Conventional Vessel
                      The reefer liner service for international fruit trade
                      Other Participants
          14:30-15:20    Cherry
                      Perspective of chilean cherries in china challenges and opportunities
                      Sweet from 45 Degrees South Latitude-Cherry from NZ
                     Other Participants
          15:20-15:50 COFFEE BREAK 
          15:50-16:40   Southeast Asia
                     Dedication of China Fruit Companies in Thailand
                     Durian Quality Control & Industry Insight
                    Other Participants
          16:40-17:30    Apple
                   Apple Production & Trade in China
                   Other Participants
           17:30-19:00 Reception    
           19:00-21:00  Gala Dinner "Night of HAIGUANGXING"


Saturday, 31 Aug. 2019

Market Tour


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