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Jason Bosch

Jason Bosch started in the fruit industry as a fruit trader for a South African grower/exporter with a focus on the Middle and Far East markets. In 2003 his experience with specialized reefer vessels started when he agreed and executed the charter of 7 vessels of South African citrus into the Middle East, these vessels were unshared and dedicated only to 3 of his clients , calling the ports of Dubai/Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, a first for the South African industry.

Once China opened for South African citrus exportí»s he recognised it as a huge potential market for South Africa and realised that gaining knowledge of this market was going to be the key to success and so moved to China in 2007 establishing Origin Direct Asia.

7 years and 2 kids later (with his wife) he moved back to Cape Town, South Africa where he resides and remains a shareholder and one of the Origin Direct Asia team.  

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