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JIANG Yuechun

eMr. Jiang is a senior research fellow of China Institute of International Studies. He is the director of the Department for World Economy and Development, Director of Center for Economic Diplomacy and Security Studies. Mr. Jiang is also an administrative council member of the Chinese Association for Japanese Studies, China Academy for History of China-Japan Relationship, China Academy of International Economic Relations andthe China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation.

After he graduated from Jilin University majoring in World Economy, Mr. Jiang joined CIIS in 1984. He was the Deputy Director and Director of Division of Asian-Pacific Studies, council member of the Chinese Association of Asia-Pacific Studies, and member of Special Asia-Pacific Security Committee of Pacific Seminar of China. In 1989-1993 and 1999-2002, he served as first secretary of the Political Department of Chinese Embassy in Japan.

His research areas cover Japanese economy, Sino-Japanese relationship, and frontier issues on Asia and world economy.200hip, and hot issues on Asia and world economy.


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