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Liu Mau Wah


Mr Liu Mau Wah C Biography


Mr Liu Mau Wah is the Chairman of Joy Wing Mau.


Mr Liu was educated overseas and has more than 30 years of extensive experience in the industry. He has a broad international perspective, unique understanding and insight of fresh fruit industry and supply chain, and rich experience in enterprise management. In 1998, Mr Liu founded Golden Wing Mau Enterprise Development Co., Ltd, and established Golden Wing Mau Agricultural Produce Corporation in 2003.

Devoted into management innovation, Mr Liu makes full use of 23 years to make JWM to be largest fruit supplier company, which owns over 4000 employees. In Nov, 2015, GWM merged with Joyvio to be JWM, which is the largest whole-chain fruit company with global layout in China.

Vice President of Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce(CFNA)

Vice President of China Fruit Marketing Association

Vice President of Shenzhen Fruit Association

Senior Minister of Shenzhen Lions Clubs

Mr Liu has been awarded below prizes personally for his devotion of years:

2009 Outstanding Contribution Award of 60th Anniversary of the Founding, awarded by China Fruits Marketing Association.

2014 Outstanding Contribution Award, awarded by China Fruits Marketing Association.

2016 Annual Character Awards, awarded by China Fruits Marketing Association.

Mr Liu served China Fruits Marketing Association as its vice president since 2013.

2006-2019 Multiple Outstanding Dedication Awards and Members from Shenzhen Lions Clubs

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